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Employee Pension Scheme

"Rockbridge Private Pension" is a regulated (3rd pillar) defined-contribution pension plan for employees of your company.

  • "RockbridgePrivate Pension" offers the ability of investing in any chosen funds selected out of 11 subfunds of the Rockbridge TFI Umbrella Fund.
  • The selection of the funds available in the “Rockbridge Private Pension” is customised to the requirements of your company.
  • Each employee may decide an individual way of investment by selecting the funds as well as change the strategy at any moment.
  • Our offer also includes the model strategies, where funds are being selected automatically depending on the age of an employee. Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of potential stock market profits at the start of the saving period while maintaining more conservative investment profile towards the end of the professional career.
  • Regulated employee pension schemes in Poland offer many additional advantages, including possibility of matching employer and employee contributions as well as significant tax benefits (no capital gains tax or income tax on redemptions at retirement age).