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Rockbridge TFI informs that data stated on the pages of this website is not a binding offer for any services, including bank services rendered to internet service users, clients and Rockbridge TFI partners, and it is provided here exclusively for information and advertising purposes. The aforementioned information shall not be treated either as financial advice or any recommendation regarding financial instruments as well as their issuers. It does not constitute any legal advice too. While every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information on the following pages, the Rockbridge TFI is not able to guarantee that it is comprehensive, complete, verified or accurate particularly in regard of reports, analysis and product information. Thus all risk of using stated herein information is taken solely by the user of the service. Rockbridge TFI accepts no responsibility or liability for any claim placed by any person from basing upon the contents of the service. The User of the web pages of the Internet portal of the Rockbridge TFI shall be aware that data transmission between the User’s computer and the web pages of the Rockbridge TFI is not subject to confidentiality protection and might be accessed by third parties.

The fund does not guarantee reaching its investment objective including the capital protection on the level set by the investment portfolio protection strategy as well as reaching the anticipated result. Therefore the unit holder must bear in mind the possibility of losing some monies invested. The investment fund result is not equal to the return of the individual unit holder as the fees and the tax levied on the income from investments in the fund, particularly the tax on the capital gains shall be taken into account. The fund information provided by this service is strictly and solely of informative nature and does not constitute sufficient ground for investment decision taking. Rockbridge TFI recommends getting acquainted with all necessary legal information, particularly with detailed description of the risk factors and fees charged regarding investment in funds which is provided in information or issue prospectuses of funds as well as in the Table of Fees being available at the company seat, distributors and on the website into consideration various tax obligations the fund participant may be obliged to pay the tax directly levied on the income from the investment in Fund.

Rockbridge FIO Parasolowy (Rockbridge Umbrella Open Investment Fund) may allocate more than 35% of the following subfunds’ assets: Rockbridge Subfundusz Obligacji Korporacyjnych, Rockbridge Subfundusz Obligacji 1, Rockbridge Subfundusz Obligacji 2, Rockbridge Subfundusz Skarbowy, Rockbridge Subfundusz Stabilnego Wzrostu, Rockbridge Subfundusz Zrównowazony, Rockbridge Globalny Żywności i Surowców, Rockbridge Subfundusz Aktywnego Zarządzania Globalny, Rockbridge Subfundusz Obligacji Korporacyjnych, Rockbridge Subfundusz Ochrony Kapitału 2; in bonds emitted, collateralled or guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Polish National Bank as well as in bonds emitted by any Member State or one of the states belonging to OECD, other than Republic of Poland.

Current financial information regarding the Funds is available on the Rockbridge TFI website at:
Rockbridge TFI is an entity managing assets belonging to other parties as ordered and being under supervision of Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
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